Saving Your Garage Space from Disaster

When it comes to cleanliness of garage, we have been lazy. We have established that the space we call as garage is meant to preserve things that don’t fit inside the house. Just walking across this space should have been a relief but it is not always that way. Or is it safe to say that garage has always been a disaster area? It is time to change the way your garage looks and feels. Often the smallest change that you do will make a huge difference. The goal is to relieve congestion and make the space more usable. Not to the extent that you want to place a bed and sleep on it but to make sure that it is not causing health and environment hazard in any way.

The process of cleaning your garage doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you don’t need fancy accessories to fill in the empty looking areas. What you need is a way to organize things that are easily accessible whenever you need them. When you buy something new, you tend to move the used into the garage. If this has been happening since time immemorial, it is likely that your garage is full. Does any of these statements relate to you and your garage in any way?

1) You have convinced yourself that you might need that non-working oven someday.
2) Your mother gave a bicycle on your 18th birthday but you no longer need it.
3) You have never worn about two dozen sweaters given as gifts and you feel guilty about it.

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All these items have ended up in the garage in some way or the other. You feel the attachment and never want to let any of them go. The big fear underlying the above scenarios is: Are you making a mistake by eliminating the item that one day can be put to good use? You are hoping so, and that hope is not letting you free the space in your garage for better useful things that will come to you. The thought has been taking a toll on your mind and health.

What you need to do at this point is come out of the situation for your own good. Take a stock of things in your garage for a while. Pretend that the garage belongs to someone else and you are hired to de-clutter the area. What do you do and see? Is there enough space to move around for accessing the items? What about the items that are standalone and don’t look like they belong there? List everything that prevents the garage from looking clean and serene. Things that you no longer need and are of no value even in a flea market can be hauled through dumpster services like dumpsters fort myers fl.

While making the inventory of things that will stay, graze with fresh eyes at the space and note down a project that you could tend to in later. An unused shelf that is being laying around can be used to hold many small items. Similarly, plastic containers can come handy to store many things that you don’t need immediately. Some of the tasks wouldn’t take more than an hour.

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