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Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality

You find that air pollution is not only experienced indoors. This is because there are moisture, dust, odours and gases among other things that can interfere with indoor air quality. For that, something must be done to curb these pollutants so that it can maintain the quality of air indoors and free from its dangers. In this case, we are going to discuss some of the tips that will guide you in ensuring that the quality of air is perfect in your house.

Opening windows can help in controlling indoor air quality. Even though most cooling and heating systems installed in the house recirculate inside air but with time they will be infected. It is important that you allow fresh air by opening the windows and putting the fan in a strategic location.

Besides, it is also essential that you use exhaust fans. You should start by turning on the kitchen fan as this is going to help in removing the coking pollutants making the air around to be fresh. Besides, the bathroom exhaust fan will also assist in removing mould-promoting wetness and product fumes. This is something that you should allow to run for minutes, and you will feel the results.

Apart from that, you should also incorporate doormats. Therefore, you will need to arrange for two natural fibre mats to put outside the door and another one inside. One good thing with this is that it will help in preventing dust and other outdoor contaminants from getting inside the house.

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Besides, you should also make sure that you carry out radon test. Radon is colourless and odourless naturally occurring gas. This is one of the dangerous gases and the second resulting in the spread of lung cancer. One way of doing this is buying the test kits which are available in the market.

Apart from that, you should mask smells. It is not wise to use scented candles as they can also irritate lungs and cause grave dangers. It is essential that you find the source of the smell and get rid of it and then ventilate the house until the smell disappears.

Besides, you can also use a dehumidifier. This is important in getting rid of mould entirely. You should even know that dehumidifier can also harbour mould if it is not cleaned correctly so you should make sure that it is functioning appropriately.

To sum up, you should also sweep clean regularly. By doing this, you will be in a position to control dust by a more significant percentage.

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