Why You Might Need A Tree Removed

Trees are a favorite part of many people’s yards. Children spend hours swinging from the branches while the grownups enjoy some time in the shade. There are certain trees that just feel like they have always belonged on the property and imagining them going can be very difficult. Unfortunately, sometimes getting rid of a tree is absolutely necessary for safety and other reasons.

Removing a tree from your property can be a difficult decision to make. Many people spend years trying to save a tree that has no real chance of ever being salvaged. After all, tree law may be complicated but it has shown a lot of people just what the monetary value of a mature tree actually is. If you are starting to wonder if it’s time for tree removal Vienna VA, here are some signs to look for that show that it is time to get rid of your tree.

Tree Death
There are many different things that can cause the death of a tree. Some of these range from drought, wind damage, and disease. There are dozens of different diseases that can affect the life of a tree within the United States. When a tree is dead or dying, there is a bigger chance that it could fall over and cause considerable injuries to whoever might be below it at the time.

Hazard or Obstruction
While trees are beautiful, they can sometimes cause problems. One of the biggest problems that lead to tree removal is the branches growing into power lines. This can cause the lines to eventually snap and leave open the risk of fire or electrocution. While most people will try to prune the branches away from the power line, eventually this process can’t be done anymore and the tree must be removed.

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There is such thing as too many trees, as ridiculous as that seems. Unfortunately, if trees are not given the room that they need to thrive, the largest trees will choke out their resources and eventually lead to the death of the smaller ones. While the smaller ones will take a little bit to grow, it’s sometimes a good decision to remove the largest ones in order to save the others. it’s important to remember that you can always plant a new tree somewhere else.

There are many reasons that could cause someone to have to remove a tree above the surface, but the roots can also cause some huge problems. People sometimes forget just how extensive and spread out the root systems of plants actually are. Just as the branches can choke out other trees, the roots can as well. Even more concerning is the damage that these roots can cause to property like sidewalks and basements if they grow through structures. Even if there are no other structures around, an out of control root system can really get in the way of mowing the lawn and is likely to trip people who are walking around the yard.